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  • Can anyone book time to work in the studio?
    Yes! Everyone is welcome. An independent wheel or table place can be pre-booked to reserve your work space. Instruction is not available during the independent studio sessions but if you don't have experience and just want to try it out on your own without guidance you're still welcome to come and have some fun!
  • I don't know how to throw, is instruction available?
    Instruction is only provided during workshops or courses, not during the Do It Yourself independent sessions.
  • Can I buy clay in the studio or can I bring my own?
    Clay must be purchased in the studio, there are 5 kinds of stoneware available; the price ranges from 80kr - 100kr / kg. The price of clay includes engobe, glaze, and two firings, work time is always separate. No clay is allowed to be brought into the studio.
  • How many times do I need to come to complete pieces?
    Generally speaking 3 visits are required to finish a piece: The first visit is to create your piece on the wheel/hand build it. The second visit it to trim the piece you created during your first visit. For your piece to be trimmed, it needs to be leather hard. (If you have hand built a piece you usually dont need to trim it, so this step can be skipped). You pay for your visit to our studio when you come to trim. If you spend less than 75 minutes on your trimming you only pay for half a session, meaning 160 SEK. If you spend more than 75 minutes on trimming you pay for the full session, meaning 320 SEK. When you have finished trimming your piece we will biskfire it for you. The price for biskfiring is included in the clay you have bought. The third visit is to glaze your piece. The glase is free but you do pay for your visit to our studio. If you spend less than 75 minutes on your glazing you only pay for half a session, meaning 160 SEK. If you spend more than 75 minutes on glazing you pay for the full session, meaning 320 SEK. You do not need to pre-book a spot in order to come in to trim or glaze, you can just swing by for a drop-in during our opening hours.
  • Do I have to book a space for the Do It Yourself sessions?
    t is best to book as some times are more popular than others (often late nights and Saturdays respectively) but there is always one drop-in wheel available that cannot be booked online so you can come by and see if it's available.
  • Can I pay another way besides PayPal?
    Yes! Go to the booking page and continue as if you were to pay with your PayPal account, chose to pay as a guest and you'll be able to pay with a card instead.
  • When are the next courses?
    The waitlist for the weekly courses is currently full, when it is open again this will be updated. 4 hour Sunday Workshops are continuously added to the booking page.
  • How can I book a private session or party?
    Please email us at
  • How long will my pieces be stored?
    Pieces that are created during the Do It Yourself sessions will be stored at a maximum of 3 weeks. Pieces must be marked with a name and date, if you're worried you did not put a date on your pieces feel free to pop by and check asap to avoid them being recycled.
  • When are my pieces ready to be picked up?
    Bisque firing pieces usually take two weeks before they will be dry, fired, and ready to glaze. Glaze pieces will be fired within 1-2 weeks of glaze being applied - plates may take an extra week to fit into the kiln. If you took a 4 hour workshop Leigh will send you a message when they are finished (typically 4-6 weeks after the workshop).
  • Can I rent the kiln to fire my pieces or drop my pieces off for firing?
    No, only the things made in the studio will be fired in the studio.
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