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Thursday Beginner Course - August 29th

Beginner's Course: Learn how to throw, hand-build, and glaze pieces.

  • Startar 29 aug.
  • 3 200 svenska kronor
  • Hornsgatan

Beskrivning av tjänsten

Please read ALL of the following. This course is recommended for beginners to ceramics and the description is as follows: Course Dates: 29/8, 5/9, 12/9, 19/9, 26/9, 3/10 Time: 18:45-20:45 Glaze Date: 10/10 18:45-20:45 Classes are 2 hours including 15 minutes of cleaning at the end. The course will be organised as follows: Class 1 Intro to pottery & centering: If you choose to focus on throwing every week you can, the course is small so everyone will have their own wheel. Class 2 Centering & throwing cylinders Class 3 Design & form Class 4 Throwing & trimming and walkthrough of the clays various stages Class 5 Throwing & repetition of trimming Class 6 Trimming, pulling handles & decor Class 7 Glazing. This time can ONLY be used for glazing, not trimming or completing pieces Course fee 3200kr including VAT Clay prices are separate from the course fees and it is your choice how much clay you use during the course. Prices per kilo: Brown, white, grey clay 100kr Black or speckled clay 120kr The cost of clay includes two firings, engobe, and glaze. Clay must be PAID WEEKLY at the end of the class with Swish or by card. If you miss a class you can make it up on 27/5 18:30-21:30. ONLY ONE CLASS CAN BE MADE UP DURING THE COURSE. If you cannot attend the glazing session you must glaze your pieces within one month of the final course date. If the teacher is ill for a class, or a class needs to be rescheduled, a new date will be added to make up for the lost class. Many course participants choose to come during regular Do It Yourself sessions at The Slab to continue practicing outside of class hours. If you choose to book extra sessions outside of class you’re welcome to continue working on these pieces during the class. This course is for your personal growth, so how you choose to use your course time and which pieces you choose to focus on is your choice. Refunds are not possible so make sure you're able to take the course before signing up. The class will be cancelled if there are less than 4 people.

Kommande sessioner


Cancellations or no-shows within 48 hours will be charged the full session amount. Double bookings will be charged for both sessions.

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